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Commercial Services

Facade construction

We offer manufacturing and installation of glass, aluminum, and steel facades using various technologies all over the world. Technologies include RAICO, Aluprof, Reynaers and other.

System design

We design all types of facades.
We use the most advanced software for numerical analysis, 2D/3D modeling. We create fabrication and shop drawings in accordance with the standards and requirements imposed by the client.

Within these guidelines we offer:

  • development of bidding documents
  • development of shop drawings
  • development of fabrication drawings
  • preparation of materials order sheets
  • analysis of flat bar and spatial systems static strength (MES)
  • analysis of MES of solid elements
  • analysis of static strength of any glass systems
  • material strength testing based on European and American standards
  • MES simulation of pendulum impact on the glass systems

We provide a wide range of facade consulting services for architects, general contractors, and investors.

These services include:

  • technical consultation
  • analysis of real-life solutions
  • oprimization of solutions
  • thermal analysis
  • acustic analysis
  • coordination throughout negotiations
  • opinions and technical expertise

We deliver supervision in all phases of project execution.

These services include:

  • verification of project shop drawings and fabrication drawings
  • inspection of fabrication at an assembly plant
  • inspection of on-site installation
  • material verification
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